Ok. So something has been a little bit troublesome here on the internet as of late.

I am talking about this.


It has become a symbol of ‘real classy masculinity’, and by that I mean, synonymous with the close-minded misogynist. The kind of guy who says ‘real men wear fedoras’…  Now that statement is fine and dandy , because yes… yes, the fedora has, for decades been the topper of many a manly man. But that is were the issue lies…

Because this


is a trilby. A hat that once was viewed as ‘the rich man’s favorite hat’. The brim and crown are much shorter than that found on a fedora. 



is a fedora.

Popularized as a symbol of pure masculinity by Humphrey Bogart and Indiana Jones. 

Now for the gentlemen with an affinity for headwear, both of these are an acceptable and classical choice, but for those who decide to use them as a ticket to the land of masculinity, lets have a little history lesson.

Both of these hats were originally women’s hats. They both came to original popularity after appearances in plays. Their names come from those plays, whom the title characters were female. (Trilby for Trilby adapted by Paul Meredith Potter and Fédora by Victorien Sardou). So let’s get something straight. Both of these hats have beautiful lines and are very becoming. But wearing one does not make you anymore of a gentle man (or lady). So stop that. And learn your history. And by doing so, you will gain some gentleman cred and also be less closed-minded.